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A hundred-year old gateway into good food.

Named after an antique door acquired from Pondicherry, we as a restaurant are committed to serving cuisine that is delectable yet warm. We are technique-driven and maintain the tradition of using freshest of ingredients and impeccable guest service.


Leading her chef brigade is Chef Shreeya Adka who graduated at the Culinary Institute of America, New York and has also gathered much of her expertise from working at a world famous three Michelin star restaurant at New York. Dining at The French Door is more than a meal. It is a story to be told, an experience to be shared. The epicurean roller coaster is all set to take off.

Shanthini Rajkumar
The Hindu
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Vyshnavi Kuppuswamy
The Economic Times

All elements on a plate make sense at The French Door

At The French Door, we let the ingredients speak for itself, creating food that will call one back for another meal. We source only the freshest of ingredients, with a majority of our produce and milk coming from our own farm at Mangarai, Coimbatore. In an age of shelf-lives and preservatives, fresh cuisine is the silver lining. Our breads, patties and puff pastries are all made in-house right from scratch. As a technique-driven restaurant, we constantly innovate to incorporate new methods and perfect old ones in our cooking. Sous-vide and slow-cooking are just to name a few. A focus on ingredient and technique has helped create the signature dishes that The French Door has become famous for.

Our Team

We are a micro team of chefs who are constantly engaging with each other to surpass our own personal best. We are improvising constantly. Our ultimate goal is for a guest to feel welcome into our family. We focus on growing our team from the roots, developing a young generation of chefs and service executives who can explore the world of fine cuisine by providing them space to grow and contribute their ideas.

From Left to Right,

Vicky, Anthony, Hari, Shreeya and Suresh

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